The 15 Best Must-Have Cat Mom Mugs

We love buying things. The urge to buy new and exciting products is practically instinctual. We especially love material possessions that display our affection for certain things. If you are a cat lover, you most likely have one or more cat mugs. What better way to show everyone that you admire cats!

Cat Mom: A Loving Parent

A “cat mom” is a woman who perceives her cats as her children and treats them as such. She may talk to her cats when they meow and call them her “babies” or “kids”. “Fur kids” or “fur children” are also common.

Witnessing how gentle a person is with a cat or any animal tells you a lot about his or her personality. If you are unsure about someone, just examine their behavior around a cat or another animal if you can.    

Must-Have Cat Mom Mugs

Do you love finding new cat-related products on the internet? This is one of the greatest joys of life! We love staring at the little (or big) puffs on the bright screen and saying: “Aww!”

While it can be exciting to purchase something for yourself, don’t forget to spoil your feline friends. There are several websites that sell cat toys and other things that entertain cats. Make sure your cats have plenty of products to play with to keep them mentally and physically healthy.  

A Better Life for My Cat

I am going to start off with what is definitely my favorite cat mom mug. Cat parents always want what is best for their cat children. This mug conveys these exact feelings. I commend owners who work diligently to make sure their cats are happy and well-fed.

Sadly, their average lifespans are smaller than ours, so we need to ensure that their lives are fulfilling. Make sure to set aside some time to spend with your cats, especially if you have one that is clingy and affectionate.  

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Cats: Better Than People

I can certainly relate to this next mug on a personal level.  We have all met some wonderful people throughout our lives, but many of us still prefer the company of cats. This is especially true for introverts. It seems like most cat lovers feel the same. Do you? “Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” -Colette

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Cats Are So Much Better Than You!

This mug is similar to the one mentioned above. Cats do bring a lot of joy to our lives. They can definitely be better than some of the people we meet. Make sure your cats know you care about them. Pet them more and give them extra treats on days when they are at their best behavior. 

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“I regard cats as one of the great joys in the world. I see them as a gift of the highest order.” -Trisha McCagh

I Don’t Care What Other People Think!

This mug is perfect for cat moms who do not care what other people think of them! “Call me a crazy cat lady all you want! It doesn’t bother me! I love cats. That’s all there is to it.” I like cat moms who have this attitude. There is nothing wrong with loving cats!

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I’m Not Scared!

This mug is for all of the cat moms who are nurses. It makes the bold statement that they do not get scared. These are very brave workers! If you are a cat mom and a nurse then you should definitely be able to recognize when your cat is mentally or physically unwell. If you are unfamiliar with cat illnesses, make sure to research them and learn the signs. This will be very useful for when your cat gets sick!

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This next mug is so cute! (Okay, mini freak out over). It is a black mug with white eyes, a white nose, and white whiskers. There is a tiny white ceramic kitten inside of it. He or she seems to be popping up to say: “Hi mom!” If I was good at ceramics, I would definitely make something like this. Make sure you figure out exactly what your cat wants when he or she meows to get your attention.

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Paw Prints

This mug has a circular light purple graphic with black paw prints around it. The inside is purple, which gives it a very artistic feel. The colors seem to celebrate the concept of a cat mom. This would make a great gift for an artistic cat lover.

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This is the most artistic mug I have come across. It has two words on the front. The letters have patterns on them. There is a heart next to the first word and a paw print dangling from a letter on the second word. The hanging paw print gives this mug a whimsical feel. Additionally, there is a jovial message on the inside. If you are an artistic cat lover you can create art like this as well! Like taking photographs, this is a great way to immortalize memories of your cat.

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Quirky Head Graphic

This mug is perfect for cat moms who are a little weird. It has a cat head graphic with words inside and black paw prints and silhouettes of cats in the background. The silhouettes are in different positions, which effectively simulates cat behavior. A cat’s body language can tell you a lot! For example, a quivering tail means: “I love you!” Make sure you know exactly what they are telling you.

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“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” -Ernest Hemingway

Cat Hair Everywhere!

I laughed out loud when I saw this mug. It has a fake newspaper on the front with a story about a cat lover winning an award. It also has an amusing quote about cat hair. Is there a ton of cat hair around your house? A sticky brush helps A LOT! Use it on your furniture and clothes and anywhere else that is safe.

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Two Emotions

This mug is both endearing and amusing. The graphic on the outside looks like a carving that is etched in stone. It is like a symbol of the unbreakable bond between a cat mom and her cat child. There is a little surprise inside: a greeting and a pawprint from a cat! Make sure you take lots of pictures of your cats and you spending time with your cats to make great memories last forever.

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I Love You, Mom!

This next mug is endearing as well. It has a graphic of a cat and hearts. The cat is saying that he or she admires his or her mom. The inside is red to further convey this notion. Having a cat accept you for who you are as a person is a wonderful feeling! Make sure you understand how your cat displays affection. For example, headbutting is one sign of this.

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“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” -Charles Dickens  

A Young Artist’s Work

This mug has a very child-like feel to it. It will bring you back to art class days of elementary school. If a cat mom’s cat child could do artwork, he or she would create these graphics on the outside of the mug. It is very sweet!

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All cat owners know that cats can sometimes be a handful. This is especially true with rescue cats that have a history of abuse. They may be aggressive. They need to learn to trust other humans again. Make sure you create a daily schedule of things to do with your cat (feed them, give them fresh water, etc.). And spend some extra time with cats who have been abused. My family and I had two rescue cats who unfortunately had a difficult past and we gave them extra TLC.

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Cat Parents

This section actually covers a pair of mugs! One is for a cat mom and the other is for a cat dad (We cannot forget about cat dads!) Both of these mugs have black paw prints and blue stripes on them. In addition, they both mention a cat as a child.

This really captures the topic of cat parents. Are you a cat mom who knows a cat dad or vice versa? You could volunteer to babysit his or her cat or cats when he or she is away from home. I am sure you would be one of the people he or she would trust the most since you are a fellow cat lover!

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Which Will You Choose?

As you can see, there are a ton of cat mugs available! They are just a few clicks away from being delivered to your home! Show everyone how much you love cats or give a cat mug present to a fellow cat lover. I am personally going to put one of them on my Christmas list. Pure cat lover instincts!