How to Stop Your Cat from Urinating Everywhere

As pets go, cats are pretty clean animals. They groom themselves, and they’re particular about where they go to the bathroom. Of course, dealing with pee and poop is all part of pet ownership. But usually, cats will happily use their litter box once they’ve been trained. So what might cause a cat to stop using its usual toilet, and urinate all over the house instead?

There could be a few different reasons. It could be that your pet is upset, or that it having a health problem. The following article will talk through the reasons your pet might be doing this, and help you to get them back on track. We’ll also suggest some products that can help you deal with the problem. For example, you may have heard that pets will keep going back to the same spot to urinate. A product like PetSeer Stain & Odor Eliminator will help prevent that.

Litter Training

The easiest time to litter train a cat is when they are still a kitten. It only takes a few simple steps and some patience and your furbaby will soon be using its litter box like a pro.

  • Set up the litter tray in a quiet corner of the house.

  • Watch your kitten. You’ll soon realise the signs that they need the bathroom. When you see them, gently place your kitten in their litter tray. If they try to walk out, put them back.

  • Reward your kitten for using the tray with a small treat.

  • Keep the tray clean, cats don’t like to use a dirty litter box.

You can help your kitten along by putting it in the tray first thing in the morning, last thing at night and after every meal. If your kitten does have an accident, then clean it up as soon and as thoroughly as possible so your pet doesn’t want to return to the same spot.

Helpful products:

Simple Solution Cat Litter Attractant 

Containing herbs that attract cats, this product is sprinkled into the litter box to make your kitten more likely to go into it and explore.

Freerun Kitten Litter Pan

This polished plastic doesn’t just look good, it’s easy to clean. With high sides to stop your kitty spreading the litter around, this is a great starter litter pan. It’s not too big, so the size won’t daunt your tiny trainer.

Petseer Stain & Odor Eliminator

Cats mark their territory with urine. When they’ve had an accident in the spot, their more sensitive noses will still smell their pee even after we’ve cleaned it up. Over time the smell breaks down, which encourages the cat to want to pee in the same spot again. If you spray the area with this product, it will remove the smell completely, and your cat won’t want to refresh the mark.

Marking Territory

Cat experts believe that, when they lived in the wild, cats began marking their territory to warn other cats to stay away. This meant that cats could avoid conflict, improving their chances of survival. While that might have been useful behavior back then, it can be a nuisance now.

While all cats can mark their territory, the behavior is most common in un-neutered adult males. Neutering your tom is the best way to prevent marking, however, if it’s done after the cat has developed the behavior it may be too late.

If your cat is backing up to walls or furniture and spraying them with a small amount of urine, they are marking their territory. If they are squatting and leaving larger puddles on the floor the problem is more likely to be health related. However, a sudden desire to mark territory can be caused by your cat feeling bored or stressed. You can help your cat by:

  • Thoroughly clean the spraying sites with an enzymatic cleaner. If you can’t find all the spots, use a UV torch to identify them.

  • Adding in extra litter boxes.

  • Buy your cat some new toys if they are left alone for periods of time.

  • Schedule more one-on-one time with your fur baby to play, or teach them tricks.

Helpful products:

Bebencool Darklight 

If you can smell it, but there’s no telltale damp patch then it can be hard to eliminate the cause of the odor. But cat urine glows under ultraviolet light. Using this flashlight will help you find the spots that need to be sprayed with an enzyme cleaner.

Make the job fun by pretending to be in an episode of CSI!

Neat & Sweet Stop Marking Spray

This polished plastic doesn’t just look good, it’s easy to clean. With high sides to stop your kitty spreading the litter around, this is a great starter litter pan. It’s not too big, so the size won’t daunt your tiny trainer.

Catit Senses Digger for Cats

One of a series of entertainment products for cats, the Catit Senses Digger encourages your cat to spend some time digging. The reward? Kibble or treats for them, and less bored and stressed kitty for you.

The Trainable Cat

Packed with tips and exercises, this book shows you how training your cat can deepen the bond between you and your pet. Whether it’s helping them deal with stressful experiences, or just spending some quality time together, this book will get you started.

Breaks in Routine

Cats are sensitive creatures. Many cats are quite particular about their environment and get stressed and anxious if there are any changes. If your cat suddenly begins urinating on the floor after using their litter box successfully for some time, anxiety could be the cause.

Consider what might have changed. Have you used a new brand of litter? Is there a new pet or family member? Have you had visitors? Is your cat being left alone for longer than usual? Any of these things could cause your pet to get upset.

It might also be worth looking at your litter box. Not all cats are happy with an open box, some prefer more privacy or a top entry rather than through the sides.

Helpful products:

Comfort Zone Diffuser for Calming Cats

This product slowly releases odors that mimic cat pheromones, helping your kitty to calm down. Proven to help with marking, scratching and other stress-driven behaviors, the effects are usually seen in between a week and a month.

Sentry Calming Collar

Using pheromones, like the product above, this collar helps keep an individual cat calm. If you have more than one fur baby, and just one getting anxious then this may be a better solution.

Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

If your cat likes their privacy, then switching to an enclosed litter tray may help. This one comes with steps down, which helps prevent litter transfer onto your flooring. It also has a carbon filter to help with odor control.

Ill Health

Unfortunately, urinating outside of the litter box can also be a sign that your cat is unwell. There are a number of conditions that could cause a cat to need to pee more than usual, including a urinary tract infection, bladder crystals, and kidney disease.

Your vet should be your first stop in finding out why your cat’s behavior has suddenly changed. A simple checkup will set your mind at rest as to any underlying health problems.

Helpful products:

Ultra Cat Healthy Monthly Monitor

The makers of this product recommend sprinkling the crystals on top of your cat's litter once a month. It can be used with all types of litter. Once your cat has used their litter box, the crystals will change color and you will get an early warning if your cat has a urinary tract infection.

Vets Best Urinary Tract Support

This chewable, chicken-flavored supplement has been formulated by vets to help support urinary tract health in cats. One or two tablets a day should be all your cat needs.

Petnostics Urine Test Kit

By collecting a sample of your cat's urine, and using an app to check results you can check your cat at home for a variety of conditions. These include diabetes, stones, and bacterial infections.

Summary & Conclusion

Whatever the reason for your pet's behavior, the key to preventing it is to make sure that you eliminate all traces of the odor. The only way to do this is to find every spot that they have marked, and clean it with a product that contains the enzymes needed to break down the smells.

The good news is that your cat wants to be a clean creature! If you can find the underlying cause of their behavior, whether that be ill health, upset or boredom there is something you can do about it. The products on this page should be helpful for getting you and your fur baby back to a happier place!